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Slow Down and Move Over

Paducah, KY – Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative wants to remind everyone that National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 17-21 to remind motorists to be careful around those men and women whose jobs put them along the roadways and into harm’s way. But not all work zones are for road repair. Kentucky’s electric cooperatives note that utility crews also work along the roadsides to build, repair and maintain the highway of electric power lines. Sometimes, crews can be around the next corner or just over the hill—day or night.

“While routine line work is done during daylight hours, emergencies happen at any time,” said Greg Grissom, President & CEO at JPEC. “We want to remind motorists our crews can be out working at all hours. Please be careful when you see warning signs and flaggers.”

When motorists see the orange diamond-shaped work zone warning signs and vehicles with the flashing amber lights, they should slow down and prepare for the zone ahead.

Kentucky law requires motorists to change to the adjacent lane when approaching emergency or public service vehicles if they can do so safely. If not, they must reduce their speed and proceed with caution. Motorists should not stop in the roadway; this may cause a chain reaction rear-end collision with other vehicles.

Emergency vehicles protected by the law include:

· Police vehicles

· Ambulances

· Fire trucks and rescue equipment

· Highway incident-response vehicles

· Highway maintenance vehicles

· Utility service vehicles

· Tow trucks

Though move-over laws are for emergency vehicles, JPEC asks drivers to be courteous to anyone parked on the shoulder and give them room to safely repair their vehicles. Like us on Facebook and view our website at for up-to-date information.


Article Sourced from KEC