Generation & Transmission, Statewide and Nationwide Affiliations

Big Rivers

  • Big Rivers Electric Corporation (Big Rivers) is a not-for-profit generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative. Headquartered in Owensboro, Ky., Big Rivers provides wholesale electric power and shared services to more than 121,000 consumer-members in 22 counties through its’ three member-owners, Meade County Electric Rural Electric Cooperative, Kenergy Electric Cooperative, and Jackson Purchase Energy Electric Cooperative (JPEC).  As a “G&T”, Big Rivers generates electricity through coal, natural gas, hydro, and solar and sends that to its service area through high-voltage transmission lines.
  • Big Rivers owns, operates and maintains its 1,303-mile transmission system and provides for transmission of power to its members as well as third-party entities served under the Open Access Transmission Tariff.
  • Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) purchases electricity from Big Rivers and distributes that to the consumer-members in our service area. That high voltage is then “stepped down” through the use of transformers in substations and it is then sent to your neighborhoods through “circuits” that branch out from those substations.  The electricity is then stepped down again before coming into your home at a consumable level.

Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives (KAEC)

  • Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) is one of 26 electric cooperatives in Kentucky that belong to Kentucky Electric Cooperatives, the statewide association which provides services to and advocates for Kentucky’s electric co-op program. Association services include safety training, youth tour coordination, and publication of Kentucky Living. Kentucky Electric Cooperatives advocates for the legislative and regulatory interests of Kentucky’s electric cooperatives on a local and state level to maintain a unified message. The statewide association is governed by a board consisting of one manager and one director from each of its 26-member systems and is headquartered in Louisville, KY.


  • Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) is one of nearly 900 electric cooperatives that belong to the national trade association, NRECA. NRECA’s mission is to promote, support, and protect the community and business interests of electric cooperatives, to power communities, and empower members to improve the quality of their lives.
  • NRECA gives our local co-op a national voice on issues impacting our community and is a powerful force for bringing co-op leaders together to share ideas and solve common challenges. The organization partners with us to provide workforce development solutions, operational and business strategies, and comprehensive employee benefits that help our co-op — and our members — thrive.