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JPEC Drives 1.5 Million Safe Miles

Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) has achieved another safety goal, driving 1.5 million miles without a recordable vehicle accident. Each year, JPEC employees drive vehicles more than 600,000 miles while performing work in our service area, that’s roughly 50,000 miles each month or 1,650 miles each day!

“This is a great example of what happens when the people of an organization strive to work as safely as possible each and every day. By remaining focused on our number one initiative, safety, we will continue to meet and exceed our goals,” said JPEC President & CEO, Greg Grissom. “We are prepared to buckle up for more safe driving. Our next goal is 2 million miles!”

JPEC sets internal safety goals each year and measures common safety metrics against high performing cooperatives across the nation in an effort to continuously elevate their performance. The Cooperative plans to commemorate the event with a custom sticker and picture that will be hung at its headquarters in Paducah, Ky.