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Flagpole Safety

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, honors those who have died in American wars. To mark this day, many people fly the American flag.

Show your patriotism this season by treating the American flag with respect and by observing a few simple guidelines for flagpole safety.

Flagpole Safety

Being patriotic is important, but so is being safe when working with flagpoles. Whether you are installing a fiberglass or a metal flagpole, follow these tips to be safe:

  1. Call 811 before digging to install a flagpole.
  2. Be overly cautious when working around power lines. Maintain at least a 20-foot clearance around power lines and any nearby trees. Consider both the flagpole length and the flag size for the 20-foot clearance.
  3. If a pole comes in contact with a power line, serious injury or death can occur to anyone holding the pole or standing nearby.
  4. Any object touching an overhead power line could serve as a conduit for the electricity should it reach the ground, including humans.
  5. A typical residential flagpole, which is installed in the ground, is 20–25 feet tall. When using a 20-foot pole with a recommended maximum flag size of 3×5 feet, the pole should be no closer than 45 feet to any overhead power lines. If you are using a 25-foot pole with a recommended maximum flag size of 4×6 feet, the pole should be no closer than 51 feet from any existing overhead power lines.
  6. Check local regulations and building codes before installing a flagpole.