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Boating and Dock Safety

If there is something wrong with the wiring in or near boats or docks, the electric currents can flow into the water. As a result, people swimming nearby can experience an electrical shock. Victims can completely lose muscle control, suffer from ventricular fibrillation, and die from electric shock. That’s why you should never swim near electric-powered boats or docks.  

Tips to prevent electrical injuries on boats and in the water: 

·         Don’t swim near docks or boats. 

·         If you notice a tingling sensation while swimming, get out of the water quickly and avoid metal objects like ladders. 

·         Don’t use frayed or damaged cords or any that have had the prongs removed. 

·         Install GFCIs on your boat and have them tested once a month. 

·         Equipment leakage circuit interrupters protect swimmers nearby from potential electrical leakage into the water around your boat. Consider installing them on your boat. 

·         Periodically have a professional marine electrician inspect your boat’s electrical system. 

Article Sourced from Electricity Safety Foundation International