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250,000 Hours With No Lost Time

Jackson Purchase Energy Announces No Lost Time

Paducah, KY – As of June 15th, the employees of Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative (JPEC) have reached another safety milestone, 250,000 without a lost time injury due to an on-the-job incident. Due to the number of employees at JPEC, 250,000 hours is the threshold to qualify the Cooperative for the Governor’s Safety and Health Award.   

“Above all else, the core principle that our cooperative is built upon is safety,” said JPEC President & CEO Greg Grissom.  “Safety is present in everything we do, from our work practices to the electricity that comes to your home through our distribution lines.  We strive for safety in all we do.  This milestone reflects our desire to move in a safe and positive direction.”

During the time that these hours have accumulated, JPEC’s workforce of 68 men and women have worked through numerous major weather events on the JPEC system as well as providing mutual aid to fellow electric cooperatives near and far. 

JPEC also desires to make the communities they serve as safe as possible by providing on-site safety demonstrations for schools, fire stations, public works departments, community events and more. Contact us today!