Trade-a-Tree Program

Why trade trees?

At Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation we know that few things are more inconvenient to you than a power outage or more dangerous than a downed power line on your property. The leading cause of power outages and downed lines is tree growth near the lines. That's why we do everything we can to get to the root of the problem and prevent these situations from occurring. That's why we have the Trade-a-Tree program.

What is Trade-a-Tree and how do I participate?

We created the Trade-a-Tree program to allow anyone who owns property where JPEC maintains primary lines to replace yard trees cut down for power line maintenance. Just check your property for yard trees growing into primary power lines. Keep in mind, primary lines are lines that serve more than just your house. The electric line from the pole to your house is not a primary power line but a secondary line. If you have a tree making contact with a secondary line, please call us so we can inspect the problem. If a tree in a secondary line needs to be removed, JPEC will temporarily disconnect the line to allow you to have the tree cut down safely.

After you have determined you may have a tree eligible for the Trade-a-Tree program, call JPEC to schedule a time for one of our field representatives to check the tree. If the field representative determines the tree qualifies for our program, we will remove the tree. Then you can work with one of the nurseries listed below to replace the tree at no cost to you. You will be able to select your tree and the location where it will be planted (as long as it's not under existing power lines!).

The nursery will advise you regarding the right tree and the best location for your needs. They will plant the tree during the most favorable time of year as specified by the American Nursery and Landscape Association's standards within one year of your Trade-a-Tree request. Additionally, the nursery will guarantee your new tree for a full year:

Eads Landscape &
Garden Center

1450 Bleich Road
Paducah, KY 42003-8035
(270) 554-7781

Holly Nursery
4090 U.S. Highway 62
Calvert City, KY 42029
(270) 395-4802


Lawn Tamers
9950 Highway 60 West
Kevil, KY 42053
(270) 488-3317


James Sanders Nursery
4123 Schneidman Road
Paducah, KY 42003-3563
(270) 443-8851

Wahl's Landscape & Garden
901 South 21st Street
Paducah, KY 42003-2903
(270) 443-9958




What if I don't want a new tree?

You can take advantage of the program even if you don't want your tree replaced. As an alternative, JPEC offers $200 per cut tree up to $800 per property. (Although $800 is the maximum we pay, we'll cut as many trees as qualify for the program.)

For more information about this or any of Jackson Purchase Energy's services, please call a customer service representative during normal business hours at (270) 442-7321 or toll free at (800) 633-4044. We can also be reached by email at
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