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PSC Sets Interest Rate for Member Deposits

The Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC), in accordance with revisions made to KRS 278.460 in 2012, has calculated the annual interest rate to be paid on member deposits for the upcoming year.

The statute requires the PSC to calculate the interest rate on an annual basis by averaging the one-year constant maturity treasury rate from September, October and November of each year.

Using this data the PSC has calculated an interest rate of 1.41 percent to be paid on member deposits for the 2018 calendar year, effective January 1, 2018.

The revised statute, frequently asked questions and historical information may be found at

$52 Million Fund for Reducing Jackson Purchase Energy Bills Nears Depletion - Homes, Farms, Churches, and Schools Affected

Co-op Offers Members Resources to Reduce Bills.

Learn more here or by reading the press release in our News section of the website.  Please call us at 270-442-7321 or 1-800-633-4044 with any questions. We are available to help you understand how this is affecting your bill and assist you with any of our energy efficiency rebate programs.  Energy efficiency rebate programs are available for our residential and non-residential members.  Information about those programs is available on our website home page, click the image "Save Money Next Exit" for a listing.

In addition to our energy efficiency rebate programs, we offer a levelized billing service that helps residential members reduce the seasonal swings in their power bills. To find our more about levelized billing call us and ask to speak to customer service.

United States Postal Service

Paducah lost its Processing and Distribution Facility which handled local mail.  This means that member mail is no longer sorted in Paducah.  All of the mail for the 420 zip code area is now being sent to Evansville, IN to be processed.  What does this mean for JPEC members? It means your mail will be delayed by one to two day's depending on the class of mail.  So you may want to give yourself more time by backing up your mailing date. For more information you may contact the business mail tech of the United States Postal Service at 270-444-5225.

Scam Alert

Members please be aware of calls being made by scam artists identifying themselves as employees of Jackson Purchase Energy (JPEC).  If you have any doubts about a phone call received from JPEC, please call us at 270-442-7321 or 1-800-633-4044 to confirm the calls legitimacy.

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