Residential High-Efficiency HVAC Program

If residential Jackson Purchase Energy members purchase an ENERGY-STAR® geothermal, dual fuel, or air-source heating and cooling system on or after June 29, 2012, they may apply for an incentive as follows:

  • ENERGY-STAR® Geothermal (ground coupled heat pump) -- $750
  • ENERGY-STAR® Dual fuel (ASHP with gas backup) -- $500 *
  • ENERGY-STAR® Air-source heat pump -- $200
  • Window air conditioners are not eligible

Invoices dated prior to June 29 do not qualify.

A cash register receipt alone is not acceptable since it does not list the details required to process the incentive. A rebate application must be completed. Also a detailed invoice or delivery ticket must be submitted and must include the following information:

  • Copy of receipt showing delivery and installation at service address
  • ENERGY STAR® HVAC system's manufacturer name and model number
  • ENERGY STAR® certification, noted by the dealer on the invoice or an attachment
  • JPEC member's account number, name, address, and phone number

Please use the above information as a checklist to make sure all required documentation is submitted since the incentive cannot be processed unless all of the items are submitted.

You can bring the information to our office or mail it to:

Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation
PO Box 4030
Paducah KY 42002-4030

The incentive check will be mailed to the member's address. Please allow up to six weeks for processing. If you have not received the incentive within six weeks, please call (800) 633-4044.

* Dual fuel systems heat with electricity until the temperature drops below 35 degrees, which is when the energy-efficient natural gas or propane system starts.

To print application click here

This incentive program is subject to change or cancellation.
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