Touchstone New Home Program

Energy Star LogoThe Touchstone Energy New Home program promotes an increased use of energy-efficient building standards as outlined in the Touchstone Energy certification program, including installation of high-efficiency ENERGY-STAR® rated HVAC systems.

Step 1:  The builder chooses to partner with a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) certified rater.  Through the partnership-agreement process, the builder selects a Home Energy Rater to work with to qualify the home.

Step 2:  The builder and rater select appropriate energy-efficient home features.  The builder submits the architectural plans to the Home Energy Rater for review and analysis.

Step 3:  The builder constructs the home and the rater verifies the features and performance.  With the energy-efficient features selected, the builder proceeds with construction of the home.  Throughout the construction process, the rater performs a series of inspections and diagnostics to verify proper installation of the selected energy-efficient features and overall energy performance of the home.

Step 4:  The rater qualifies the home and issues a Home Energy Rating (HERS) certificate.  Once the rater completes the final inspection and determines that all requirements have been met, the rater will provide the certification.

Step 5:  Complete a rebate application and submit the appropriate documentation to Jackson Purchase Energy.

To earn the Touchstone Energy home certification, a home must score a HERS rating of 85 or less and all HVAC systems must be ENERGY-STAR® rated.

The incentives are:

  • ENERGY-STAR® Geothermal (ground coupled heat pump) -- $2,000
  • ENERGY-STAR® Air-source heat pump -- $1,000
  • ENERGY-STAR® Dual fuel heat pump (ASHP with gas backup) -- $1,200 *
  • ENERGY-STAR® Gas heat -- $750

JPEC will pay the incentive once per home to the person whose name is on the HERS certificate.
Any discrepancies are the sole responsibility of the builder to resolve.

The HERS certificate must be dated after June 29, 2012.

A member who receives this incentive may not receive an incentive through the HVAC program.

If you have questions or would like to submit a request, please call (800) 633-4044 or come to our office:

Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation
2900 Irvin Cobb Drive
Paducah KY  42003

Click Here to download the application

This incentive program is subject to change or cancellation.
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