Payment processing outage due to internet outage

January 16, 2019

Updated Jan 17 4:20am - Our AT&T fiber connection was restored around 4:20 am. 
The credit card payment option has been restored for consumer-members of Jackson Purchase Energy. 
Thank you for your patience. If you were unable to make a payment yesterday and you are concerned about the status of your account, please call us during regular business hours:
Monday - Thursday 
7am -4pm 
7am - 6pm
We apologize for any inconvenience during this interruption in payment options. Though electrical service was not affected by this fiber connection outage, we take this technical issue seriously.


Updated Jan 16 10:30pm - Due to a loss of the AT&T fiber connection to Jackson Purchase Energy, we are currently unable to process payments or send and receive e-mail. AT&T has not communicated how long it will take to restore this internet connection. We apologize for any inconvenience and share your frustration. Don’t worry, no consumer-member will be charged a late fee because of this outage. Thank you for your patience. We will update you as any information becomes available.

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