Outage FAQs

If you do not have electricity, check the following:

  • Breakers - Check branch circuit breakers that might have tripped if certain areas in your home or business are without power.  Check the main breaker if your home or business is completely without power.  Remember that some breaker panels may be outside as in the case of air conditioners, mobile homes, well pumps, etc.  If you find any breakers that have tripped, reset the breaker and this should take care of the problem.  If the breaker trips again call an electrician as the breaker panel may need service.
  • Visible and audible signs -
    • Did you hear any loud "booms" just before the power went out?
    • Do you see any trees, lines, poles or other JPEC equipment that is damaged or on the ground?
    • Can you tell if your neighbors have power?

Remember.....stay away from any downed power lines or equipment.  Call JPEC immediately and let our crews handle the situation.  Any information regarding your outage that you can tell our dispatchers will reduce the amount of time JPEC crews take to restore power to you and your neighbors.​

Please call JPEC at (270) 442-7321 to report an outage.

Central air conditioning and heat pump condensers may cause a noticeable slight dimming when they start. Lights may flicker or dim due to startup of some appliances or motor driven equipment. A slight flicker or very brief dimming that corresponds to appliances turning on (or stormy weather) can be normal, but if it has become more pronounced, the causes could be numerous.
For example, flickering lights could be caused by:

  • loose wire connections
  • poor electrical supply to the house
  • not enough amps running to the house
  • poor grounding
  • overloaded circuits
  • animals such as birds and squirrels on the line
  • trees growing into the lines
  • transformer malfunctions

Jackson Purchase Energy coordinated a team to research the frequency and causes of blinks experienced by its members.  An eight-member team devoted 100% of their time for an entire week to address blinks, their many causes, and what JPEC would do to minimize the blink count. 

As a result of this project, JPEC has been able to locate issues in the field and address them before they caused further problems for our customers. This in one example of JPEC proactively addressing its members concerns. 

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