Billing FAQs

The facilities charge is the minimum monthly service charge for your electric service.

You can review JPEC's rate schedule for residential or commercial/industrial members.

All school tax that is collected is returned to the county in which you live.

The amount of your bill depends on your usage. You can check your use by selecting Manage My Account from the My Account dropdown menu and then selecting Graphs to view the amount of electricity you’ve consumed in various formats.  You can check your account history the day after your bill is mailed to see what you will be charged.

Your bill is sent on the same date every month. If you are a Cycle 1 customer your bill is sent on the 5th of every month, Cycle 2 customers are billed on the 12th, Cycle 3 customers, the 20th, and Cycle 4 customers on the 27th. Commercial and industrial clients along with some residential demand accounts are billed on the 2nd of every month. These customers are in Cycle 9.

Generally, if there is a problem with your electric meter it will be in your favor. The majority of the time an electric meter fails, it will slow down or stop, rather than speed up. You may have faulty appliances in your home to cause more usage than normal. If you have concerns that your electric meter is not working properly, you may contact a customer service representative to request JPEC test your meter for a negligible fee. JPEC is required to test every meter in the system approximately once every eight years. We do that by replacing your meter with a new one and bringing the old meter in for testing. If a problem with a meter is found, JPEC automatically reviews your account and makes any adjustments necessary (either up or down).

Possibly. It is as simple as calling or visiting our office and signing a contract. If you need longer than one week, you will be required to pay at least 1/3 of the delinquent bill.

You can review JPEC's outdoor light rate schedule.

Yes. After 18 months, if you make your payments on time without being penalized, JPEC will apply your deposit plus interest to your account. Or, if you move, the deposit and prorated interest will be applied to your final bill. Remember, JPEC pays .37% interest on all deposits that are held.

JPEC pays interest rates as determined by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. For more information please visit

When you move from your current service, you will receive a final bill or a final bill refund. This will include any membership refund or deposit refund applicable to your account.

Call or visit our office to speak with a customer service representative. A $25 connect fee is required on all new and transferred services. A $290 deposit may be required or waived, depending on your credit score. You will also need to bring a picture I.D.

A number of reasons could contribute to a high bill. You may want to take a minute and look at the weather data chart. An unusually hot month or an unusually cold month will contribute to a higher bill. The weather chart on this site graphs average highs and lows for the month and compares those readings with the normal average highs and lows for the month. Another contributing factor could be the addition of a major appliance, recent house guests or a change in your normal routine. After reviewing the graphs on this site and comparing your usage to prior months, if you still have questions, call a customer service representative for further analysis.

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