Capital Credits

Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation is pleased to send to many of our members a capital credit check.

Because you are a member and receive electric service from a not-for-profit cooperative, you are a member/owner. Every month you pay your bill for electric service.The co-op pays the expenses incurred to provide that service.  Any funds left over provide equity for the co-op and you, the member.  Those funds are called capital credits.

Besides providing equity, capital credits furnish working capital to keep your cooperative financially sound, help retire debt, and reduce the need to borrow money. The Board of Directors periodically reviews JPEC’s financial soundness and decides whether to pay capital credits to the members.

Your board has decided to pay capital credits for the years 1937 to 1957.  The total amount of checks distributed in this refund is $1,589,135. If you received service from JPEC during those years and have not yet received a check, we may not have a confirmed mailing address for you.  Please click here to see if your name is on our unclaimed checks list.  If your name is on the list, call Customer Service at (270) 442-7321.

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