2018 Director Fees and Expenses

Each year, JPEC is required to report financial information, including the fees and expenses of each board member, to the Kentucky Public Service Commission.  Additionally, JPEC’s bylaws (Article IV, Section 7) require fees and expenses to be published prior to the Annual Meeting.

The bylaws set fee limits for members of the board.  The bylaws are available for review on our website -  https://www.jpenergy.com/bylaws/overview.

Board Member       Fees  Expenses
Josh Barnes (b) $5,650.00 $7,301.47
Lee Bearden (a)(b) $8,825.00 $9,066.24
Kevin Bell (b) $4,725.00 $3,939.58
Ivus Crouch $5,600.00 $1,283.94
Wayne Elliot (b) $7,400.00 $1,220.53
Erick Harris, Chairman   $11,100.00 $574.73
Jack Marshall $7,650.00 $1,440.64
Terry Teitloff $3,600.00 $187.49
William Birney (a)(c) $3,175.00 $2,805.22
Chuck Mullen (c) $2,600.00 $452.21
Lori Thompson (c) $2,925.00 $344.19

(a) Denotes member was JPEC’s director on the board of the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives.
(b)  Denotes member attended continuing education training.
(c) Denotes member was not re-elected.

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